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5 good tips how to act in Germany


Determination and preperation: Most Danish companies will find that it is a bit more complicated to start business in Germany than eg in Norway or Sweden. Therefore determination to start up is important - if you just want to give it a quick attempt your chance of succeeding is poor.

Do not make any attempt to enter Germany unless you are fully determined and well prepared.




Seek advice: A few things have to be done “The German way”. Do not waste a lot of time and energy by not knowing how to handle basic things - seek advice either in your own network or eg from TyskPilot or similar advisor.


Accept German demands: Often a bit more detailed data and documentation is demanded.  Consider this as a necessary requirement, and it might even be useful for you on other markets as well



Remember a few formal rules: In Germany you address people by their surname and you use the “Sie” form until you have met the person (-s) a few times.



Keep your word: If you have promised eg to forward some material before the end of the week, and you will not reach it before next week, then send a polite notice, that your material is unfortunately delayed a few days… ..  





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