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The basis for a successful start-up in Germany is a partnership-like collaboration, where the key words are flexibility, transparency, fair remuneration and personal contact.


Germany has enormous potential for Danish companies, but it is also a large country, and therefore it is necessary to segment the market (including geographically) and take targeted action. Here you can read more about the German market .


German customers often expect things the way they are used to - and therefore Danish companies can with great advantage get export advice in the beginning, so they avoid the worst hurdles.

Contact us here for a no-obligation talk about your options.

Analysis of the target group

Who do we want to reach?

Analysis of the German market based on your company;  We look at: 

Market segments, target groups, competitors, potential, etc .; Audience definition

USP and positioning

Market start-up strategy and action plan:

Formulation of offers to customers and market;

Determining unique selling points; how do you want to position the company 

and how differs your offer from that of competitors;

Tonality and choice of advertising material

According to the defined target group, the tone must be determined: classic, youthful, serious .... 

Creative realization in graphics and text:

eg preparation of German brochure, advertisements, radio spots, posters, etc.

Select appropriate medium of advertising, etc.

Budget plan

Based on your budget, we jointly make a plan for how your investment can be optimized and give the best result.

At the same time, it is agreed to what extent you want Tyskpilot to take care of the execution of the media plan, preparation of sales material and checking that the budget is complied with.

Identification of relevant communication channels

Management of Offline, Online and Social Media activities;

Preparation of media plan - everything from obtaining offers to booking, etc .;

PR activities; Organization of launch events, etc.

Assistance in seeking seller, agents and other partners;

Time schedule

Based on when you want to start up in Germany, we jointly prepare a realistic schedule that takes into account the necessary steps up to launch. 

For example, there may be regulatory approvals or sales material that should be in place first.

It is important to be sure the customer gets a good first time experience.


Danish-German | German-Danish
We translate all your material into perfect German

Contacts and partner companies

Via teamwork and excellent contact with a broad range of partner companies, we can help you with any questions you have and, if necessary, connect you with experienced specialists such as solicitors, property agents, advertising and media agencies, etc.

TyskPilot will advise and support you to achieve the defined activities; we find constructive solutions and help you pass the hurdles.

We can help you just with the start-up phase, or stay with you until you have reached your first milestones and have a well-established business. 

Stability and persistence are key words when breaking into the German market.  

What does our help cost?

We do not charge you for expensive office premises or hefty administration, which means you get maximum service for each hour spent.

Our hourly rate is DKK 750, although we usually provide a fixed price before we start, based on an estimated amount of hours.


If you're thinking of launching in the German market, please do not hesitate to contact us - we have extensive experience of Danish companies, understand most Danish, but prefer to communicate in English.

Contact us for a talk here .

We look forward to working together.

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