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The German Market

Strategic growth towards Germany is a lucrative option for many Danish companies. The country is characterized by high stability, high purchasing power and 82 million inhabitants.

On the other hand, german customers  expect an adaptation to german customer requirements and the culture. For example, never give a promise before you are sure to keep it.

You will find that it takes a pretty long time  time to penetrate the german market, but once you have been "approved" there is also a long-term business waiting.

You can avoid  a lot of frustrations and hurdles if you are "held in hand" at the start of a German-qualified person who can assist you and act as your link to the market.


 Germany is centrally located in Western Europe just south of the border. There are 16 federal states with Berlin as the capital. Other major cities are Hamburg, Cologne-Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich.

The country is characterized by order and high legal certainty, and people have high respect for laws and regulations. A lot more documentation is often expected than danish companies usually experience in other markets - on the other hand, there are no barriers to trade and a "word is a word".

There is very high acceptance of Denmark and danish products  quality and design. Germany has become the main market for many Danish companies.  Read more on our page "Our Services" .

Overview - Germany:


Name: Federal Republic of Germany


In the linear distance  there are 876 km away  north to the south - by car 1,000 km from the Danish border to the southern borders of Austria and Switzerland.


357,050 km

(Denmark has altogether ca.  42,000  km2)


Berlin (ca. 3.5 Mio inhabitants  pr 31.12.2015)


82.2 Mio inhabitants 

(of these  8.7 Million foreigners -  31.12.2015)


German. In particular, people  would like to have specifications and documentation in German to  feel completely confident in understanding it all. The majority speak English very well and are also willing to do so once they feel comfortable with the cooperation.


Mainly protestant and catholic.

National day: 

3rd  October, The Day of German Unity (Reunification in 1990)


Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, since March  2017


Chancellor Olaf Scholz, since December 2021

Secretary of state : 

Annalena Baerbock, since December 2021

Gross domestic product: 

3,436  Mrd. Euro (extra;  2018)

If you have any questions regarding the German market, feel free to contact us here .

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