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Get a good start on the German market - get the tricks from TyskPilot
Get ready for the German market
Help for self-help - better understand your target groups in Germany!
A training in 3 parts. During a total of 4 weeks, you will gain more knowledge about the German market and your chances of success.


Offers for small and medium-sized companies
Individual study of the German market in the pastold for your products
Fixed rate: DKK 24,000


You are probably already successful with your product and/or service in Denmark, and you would now like to have access to the large and powerful German market just south of the border. Therefore, you need an analysis of the German market with regard to your products and the possibilities for distribution and marketing, including social media. TyskPilot prepares you for the German market. 

"TyskPilot has been good at adapting to my needs. They have carried out research in my specific area and given me a lot of input on how to move forward. I have simply become more knowledgeable about Germany as a market in relation to my area. Highly recommended 👍🏻"

Helle Bonde-Petersen, Yarn Every Wear, Tønder

Module 1: Market Analysis 

A first analysis of the German market. Competitive analysis, investigation of potentials, the current situation in Germany. What marketing tools do German competitors use and how do German companies advertise. Online and offline.



Module 2: Marketing


Which form of marketing is best suited for your business in Germany. 


Based on the results of the initial analysis (module 1), strategic guidelines are defined with regard to: target groups, suitable media (including social media), central marketing messages and themes. Is it possible and appropriate to use Danish materials? 



Module 3: The German customer, service and expectations


What do German customers expect from service and advice.

The German correctness and the effect on communication and documentation.

Email Marketing/Newsletters/Privacy Protection/Imprint Requirements

During the Workshop, we meet three times for one hour on Teams. For my preparation, I need to know what you possibly already do in Germany as well as your thoughts and knowledge about your German target groups. If there is a written strategy for your Danish market initiatives, you are very welcome to send it along.


The offer is valid until 30. 4. 2024
Please contact Birgit below
or call her: +49 172 415 29 63
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