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SalesBoost helps  their customers to approach the sale to suit the individual  profile and values, and not vice versa. When there  tages  based on our authenticity and inner motivation, we become relevant, credible and gain impact. Then sold  there  more.

One does not have to be, however  in doubt that SalesBoost too  believe in both goals and structure. Motivational goals that keep focus and create better bottom line, and structure that ensures that there  is  overview and you reach  the goal.

We thrive when we can be ourselves in our sales. When customers can feel that we are genuine, we sell more. This is SalesBoost's starting point.

Visit SalesBoost's website here:


The Hi-Fi Club is a chain of electronics stores focusing on Hi-fi and television. Today, the chain consists of over 100 stores in  Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.  The Hi-Fi club's entry into Germany took place in 2016. The company  sees great opportunities to spread their quality message to a lot of German music lovers. Their  niche is to offer the market's best quality, competence and service and to do so at a competitive price, both in traditional stereo and surround, but also on TV and the newer streaming products.

The club culture is extremely popular among Germans, and therefore  fits well with the German market.

Birgit from TyskPilot has been the link between Denmark and Germany throughout the process with the Hi-Fi club. Read the opinion about the course here.   

Visit the Hi-Fi Club in one of their stores or on their website:

Ralph Böttcher, DanRevision, has written and published a book entitled "The German Entrepreneur Who fell in love with Denmark". We recommend reading the book, it  is both  interesting for German and Danish business people.

The book can be purchased here:

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